Hi, I’m Ashlynn

Artist Statement

As a current student of art and design, my body of work ranges in themes and mediums, and includes both traditional and digital art. These include acrylic and oil paintings, ceramics, and digital drawing. Concentrating in graphic communications, a large part of my work has been focused on combining traditional skills with modern technology to communicate a message to a large audience. When possible, I like to add a sense of fun and youth to my work by including vivid colors and playful typography.                

Artist Bio

Ashlynn Russell is a soon-to-be graduate of Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design. While her concentration is in graphic communications, she enjoys many different mediums including graphite, oil paint and digital drawing. She finds inspiration from personal interests such as music and movies, and occasionally from her friends’ pets. Originally wanting to go into the dental field, she quickly realized that doing something more creative would yield a more fulfilling future. Like any millennial, she spent most of her teenage downtime glued to a computer screen, redesigning her Myspace page every few days. This eventually led her to discover graphic design – a combination of art, computers, and communication. After graduating she hopes to use her skills to help people bring their ideas to life as well as grow as an artist.